It's time for the annual series of Offseason Simulations where you get to play GM. Decide all the trades, FA signings, promotions, and demotions you think are necessary this offseason to prepare the team through the offseason. Send the list to me via PM and I'll post them along with a poll to allow others to comment on your ideas.

The rules are pretty simple.
  1. PM your simulation to me. Don't post your own thread (I will delete it) or put your simulation in someone else's thread. This is not a power play, but an attempt to give everyone's ideas their due.
  2. Specify all trades completely. Who do the Sox send from their roster or farm system and who do they receive. If money changes hands then indicate how much.
  3. Specify signings (FA, arbitration) completely. Dollars and length of deal.
  4. Payroll. The entire MLB roster (down to the 40-man list) needs to factor in whatever luxury tax rules exist within the new CBA.
  5. Justify. Not necessarily required but it's usually helpful to explain how/why you think your moves make sense.

Ideally everyone uses a similar format to make it easier to read and compare one sim to the next. An order along these lines has generally worked pretty well:

FA/Arbitration Signings

Just for clarification, the "official payroll" when calculating the luxury tax (a) includes every player on the 40-man roster, and (b) includes the average annual value of the player's contract. Option years are NOT included in the calculation, but buyouts are.

MLB minimum salary is $480K