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This team isn't going to get the job done. They're undersized in the back-court, and streaky as hell. Kings have 1 dimensional players.... I'm ready for moves to be made. Fire Smart, make some trades, and maybe it could help the chemistry and overall talent of the team.

Players would rather play with Smart than some random interim coach that they don' trust. You really think this team would buy into a new coaches system right off the back??

Trading players doesn't build chemistry, so I don't know how it would help. All that does is put us at square one.

We don't need anything right now, but to play together, play smart, and play hard.

We started to play better tonight. If we don't keep improving and we just keep losing game after game, then we can take drastic measure and make some trades.

Everyone is freaking out too quick. We're only 10 games into the season.