Assuming Bynums return date keeps getting pushed back. what do you do? resign him? Trade him? Let him walk?

Looking at the free agency I would prefer to trade him while we can still get good value in return. This is if Bynum does look to be damaged goods.

A team I can see being interested in Bynum and his expiring off the top of my head is Chicago

I would look for a deal involving bynum for deng and noah.

Why would chicago do this? rose comes back healthy next season, resign bynum and have a dynamic dandom. also amenesty boozer and you have cap space to go out and get another stud.

We do it? gives us a scorer and defender in deng and a tough high energy player in noah. We then all of a sudden have many trade pieces to land a low post scorer to play the four. could end up with a lineup like:


What would you do?