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    John Mozeliak says 'MRI shows Furcal's elbow is completely healed'

    Don't have a link, it popped up on my phone

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    I bet it becomes an issue by May

    off topic.... but same with Garcia

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    I saw this also. Does that count as a source? Haha

    But I commented about this in the off season thread. I'm not sure I believe it is fully ready. Still need a dependable back up SS.

    I think if we get 120 starts from furcal this year that would be outstanding

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this become a year long off and on issue

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    The encouraging news the Cardinals received last week about Rafael Furcal’s right elbow was confirmed Monday by a scan taken of the shortstop’s injured arm, general manager John Mozeliak told a national radio show.

    After returning to his offseason home from the Dominican Republic, Furcal met with medical staff in Florida for an MRI scan of his elbow and its torn ligament Monday.

    “His ligament looked completely healed,” Mozeliak told “Inside Pitch” on Sirius XM radio. “Right now there’s no reason to think he won’t be ready to go and expect a full year out of him. It’s a little bit of a relief for us.”
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