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    Jan 2012
    Orlando is doing better then us
    prepare boy's, this will be another long season but since our pick is gonna be stolen, prepare for a LONG 12-24 months
    We are Anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    We do not forgive,
    We do not forget,
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    Ha we lose a top five pick this year..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapsjaysfan88 View Post
    Ha we lose a top five pick this year..
    I think we keep it if we have a top 3 pick, but doesn't OKC have our pick too? Scary to think they might get another top young player

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    Oct 2011
    At least the Jays are actually looking like contenders....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byronicle View Post
    our record could've easily have been 4-5

    officiating was better this game, but the first 8 games were absolutely awful. just blatantly making horrible calls

    and combine that we are once again injured ridden and lowry missing 6ish games

    also our hardest part of the schedule is in the beginning of our season

    and 3 rookies, 4 new players acquired so half the squad are new faces

    the only thing i can find fault is the slow starts in the 1st quarters and part of that slow start is Bargnani's lack of intensity + no lowry
    The officiating was in Raptors favor for this game. Unfortunately, didn't matter for this game.

    Best case scenario for playoffs.

    - Bargnani needed to play well offensively
    - Improve both PG/SF
    - get production from draft picks
    - Internal improvement from current young players

    To say Bargnani has been bad to start the season is an understatement. With a down grade at SF & Lowry hurt I could give leeway for his defensive lapses because we all know his weaknesses. Unfortunately his offence is what has regressed & has surprised me, I expected more.

    Raptors went into the off season with a goal to improve PG/SF. They traded a future pick for Lowry who looks like a great pickup, unfortunately he has missed the last 3 games of 9. They IMO downgraded SF by signing Fields & letting JJ go. Now with our D'league replacement for Fields (AA) down with injury, SF has been a rotating door of uncertainty & lack of production. People can say what they want about Bargnani. Pierce, Terry & Rondo had a field day yesterday. Rondo almost fell off the bench laughing at Calderon trying to run the pick'n'roll with Acy leaving his feet to throw the ball 5 feet behind a rolling Acy.

    Production from picks, Valanciunas up until yesterday has been solid baring rookie calls, Garnett took him to school. Ross was supposed to be NBA ready. I can say more but were seeing he's clearly not.

    The only real bright spot of the season to date, is DeRozan. He has taken his game to another level.

    ^ What I fear is, DeRozan success as well as Bargnani's does not mesh. DeRozan benefits from a free flowing offence & increased pace, while Bargnani benefits from a slowed pace & more structured offence. The team has increased the pace for a Lowry lead team which has benefited DeRozan, IMO they should consider bringing Bargnani off the bench to balance the scoring & chemistry.

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    headed to the game today for the soul purposes of getting a jonas valanciunas bobble head. Hopefully he can stay on the floor.

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