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Wilkerson looks like the real deal, Kerley is our best WR this year, and I think we'd be overy happy with the way he has developed into a decent slot receiver, and he's the kind of find a GM needs to get with a 5th rounder once and awhile, HOWEVER, he is our top receiver by default - serious default.

McKnight's immaturity really hurt him in his development, and 2 years of Tomlinson, but I think if he could get healthy, and learn to pick up the blitz, WAIT, that's too many ifs. He's talented, but has holes in his game. B. Powell had a great day today, or really, 2nd half, but I think he is fairly average, AND although I'm thrilled me won today, we have to remember, it was the Rams, who are now 3-6-1, so I'm going to temper my excitement over everyone's performance today, but we certainly have lost plenty games like this, so I'm not taking anything for granted.

Coples still has a long way to go before I stand up and cheer, but I know he's young, and raw, and could come a long way, but he still has to do it! I think REX had TONS to do with the selection of these 1st rounders on defense (K. Wilson, M. Wilkerson, and C. Coples), although like I said earlier, MrT has the final y on acquisition, and disposition.

Stephen Hill is just looking bad bad bad, and I really wanted him, and I know he is rawer than steak tar tar, but that dude can not drop that simple crossing pattern for a 1st down on the 1st drive of the game. He was only targeted 1 other time, and that w that deep throw that he never even saw, it should've been a pretty easy hookup as the defender had no idea where it w either. It w actually a decent throw, and might have even kept him in the game, but he was just horrible. Chaz Shillens was one of our top receivers, and Clyde friggin' Gates. Where is Dustin Keller Mrs. Robinson? He looks like he's trying to play himself OUT of a contract next year. That come back throw to Reuland, when Sanchez was looking all the way to his right, and then came all the way back to the left to Konrad

I think M. Slauson in the 6th round in 2009 was a good pick, although a bad pick, 2010 2nd rounder Ducasse appears to be the guy they're going to put at LG when they cut Slauson loose. Ducasse better become a very good LG. I really hope he does, although I think Slauson is just a serious lunch pale guy that does everyone he's told. He even lets MrT steal about $500,000 from him

The Rams may have been trying to take Keller out which left Sanchez some check-down options with Reuland and others. I would've taken that gamble against a oft-frazzled QB but Mark was cool.

As for Ducasse, moving to LG would mean facing better pass-rushers. I think he's the mauling RG we've needed and will slide in there as the team may address LG with their 1st pick. Think Chance Warmack from Alabama. Adding those two would really create a surge that the OLine desperately needs. Everything else will work their way out as a result.
But hey, we've got all offseason to discuss this.