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Thanx for your prompt reply. This is a reason that makes some sense. I need to check out the time line, because the when in a campaign season makes a big difference.

I do have a couple of reservations about your theory, mainly because foreign policy was strong for Obama pretty much the whole campaign. Because of that, it seems logical he could take a hit there. Plus a terror attack would seems to mainly favor the president. The whole wrap yourself in the flag thing. But let me check the dates and how the campaign was going.
Feel free to double check me but my recollection is that this is post VP debate. Paul Ryan had gone on the attack saying how our foreign policy was focused on the "Apology" tour and promoted an air of weakness in the world. If you remember during the 2nd debate, Romney tried to get on Obama for calling the attack a response to the YouTube video and he said how the day after in the Rose Garden he had called it an "act of terror." Then the moderator even backed him up and made Romney look bad.

If he had proof that Al Qaeda was still attacking our country with reckless abandon that would have really painted Obama in a bad light. Especially in what was becoming a more and more toss-up election after Romney's momentum from Debate #1.