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True about Ellsbury and Bourn. But that is why I also mentioned Gordon. Could add Upton, Headley or Markakis to that list too. My point is why not trade Garza for proven major league talent and try competing next year by also adding Bourn. And teams trade pitching for hitting and vice versa often. It is not that rare. Again any deal for major league hitters would also have to be tweeked one way or the other. I am not talking straight up on any deals. Just suggesting getting major league talent for Garza.
The MLB talent received for Garza will likely be added, tacked on talent. Not talent those teams are going to use and need for their playoff run. We're talking like a Joe Buck in the Dickey trade.

Teams who are going to be trading for one year of Garza are looking to make the playoffs. While he certainly helps, almost all of the gains gotten from Garza are then lost when you give up Headley or Markakis, or Upton.....it doesn't make any sense, what-so-ever for a team looking to make the playoffs to give the Cubs back proven MLB talent.

If Garza is traded....it'll be for prospects. Only way it make sense, really.