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I made my points. You said something incredibly stupid in response. If you had responded like you just did, instead of you're whole "OH MAN YOU SAID THERE'S NO CHANCE" and "LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT FUTURE SEASONS BESIDES THE IMMEDIATE ONE IN THE ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHY THREAD," you would have gotten a different response. I called that stupid, correctly. You can be as offended as you want, but you brought it on yourself.
I never once said you couldn't talk about future seasons, my simple response was that it was stupid to claim that if the Cubs didn't do something amazing and drastic this instant that 2014 and 2015 rotations would be awful. I'm not offended that some random guy on the internet doesn't think that I understand what "if" means. You gave snark, and you got snark back.

I think that's foolishly optimistic. He might be able to do the same next year, but he's done it precisely once.
Then maybe we should wait for the 2013 season and see if he can. I think it equally foolsih to assume that he can't.

I'd find it very amazing if the Cubs both wanted to resign him and he wanted to resign with the Cubs.
He might just be the pitcher on the market next year as a free agent. The Cubs will have money to spend. I haven't seen/heard rumors of him being unhappy in Chicago. If it is his twitter account he seems pretty excited playing for the Cubs, so I wouldn't find it amazing at all.

When a guy keeps getting bounced back to AAA, you should wonder if maybe you should count him as a full portion of a non-awful rotation.
We may be talking about different a different definition of awful. Mine is Belkin/Germano/Rusin etc... Wood eats innings, throws left handed and is ok as a 5th starter in an anti-awful rotation. Many teams will trot out worse then him next year.

Huge potential for awful there.
Baker has the potential to be quite good as well. There are a whole bunch of pitchers in the next free agent class who could fill a 4/5 role pretty easily.

It would take some dramatic good fortune for a college SP to emerge who could hit the majors and succeed n less than a year in the minors, let alone have him drop to No. 2 in the draft.
Appel went 8th last year and he was thought to be pretty close to big league ready last year. Now the Cubs may not pick him, but he could easily end up in the majors by mid-2014 or 2015. It isn't that big of a stretch.

Probably not. It might happen, but pretty much only the Cubs internally seem to think he can stick as a starter. And I think that's more desperation than scouting.
It comes back to that whole letting the 2013 season play out. We should have a pretty good idea of what he can/can't do in a few months.

I'm still waiting for all those young starting pitchers we got in exchange for last year's trade deadline haul to show up.
Last year's trade market did end up disappointing. Vizcaino might/might not be that guy, but he's got the stuff to give him a chance. The trades the made seemed to be a decent return, so I'm willing to give them a chance to see what they can do.

Could your Samardzija get hurt, Garza leave as a free agent, Vizcaino end up in the bullpen or with 1 arm, Wood suck. Yes, and that is going to be the only way the Cubs end up with an awful rotation in 2014. Samardzija could also become a TOR pitcher, Garza resigns, Wood becomes a decent #5, Tampa Bay trades Price to the Cubs. That could happen as well, so why don't we let 2013 play out first.