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    ... oh, chip kelly. haha, i was confused there for a bit.
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    After Minnesota's game, I am sufficiently satisfied with what I saw.

    I will admit there were several things that need to be tightened up, but the biggest difference maker was our Defense.

    Our bench did awesome, and burks got some quality time(if not quantity). I was thoroughly impressed with Kanter's overall performance. For his age he has so much potential. His inexperience caused him to get a few fouls, but still an amazing performance.

    What I really want to see in Phoenix. Starters focusing on defense, and working the ball with confidence. When were not worrying about the score were doing great. I mean we need to worry about their score and keep it as low as we can! I mean you don't need big shooters or a lot of points when you hold them to 1/17 3pts and like 35% shooting.

    I would like to see Burks on the floor a lot more. Especially to keep the defense up. Foye needs to be effectively put in for streak shooting. Which I believe shouldn't come til the 2nd quarter. I mean when your running out there at tip off and start throwing up .400 from the 3pt, it doesn't give that pace you want from the start(you want as little TO's as possible). You want to pound in 2-5 3pts in the 2nd to take hope away. I really think Burks should start for defensive purposes.

    This is the only position not getting in on the work(on both sides). All other positions are sufficient enough. Free Burks has some deep issues that I think will be solved.

    Last night pushed our Def. Eff. up, so were pushing out of the bottom 10.

    Are Defense is next to worst in the league, yet we play amazing defense against the wolves. Talk about Hyde Syndrome. I just wish Mr. Hyde would save his debauchery for after the game, so Jekyll can do work.

    Al has decent defense, but his offense is where he is most skilled, even if he has a habit of going all the way without looking to pass and makes his own plays almost all the time. I don't think he takes it serious, like he doesn't ever say that he watches the other teams or prepare outside practice. Like he is too cool for this team.

    I like the confidence but I think his slackerish type vibe might be why he isn't being voted for an allstar spot like Lee, Bosh and Dwight.
    All great things come to an end...even in basketball -Me

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