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They got some much needed inspiration:

Coughlin Post Game Speech

BTW I gotta give credit to Gilbride here. Last few weeks he got very vanilla, but yesterday I saw things I haven't seen from the Giants in......I dunno ever? Pistol formation? Fake end-around to a RB screen? Eli going head first on a run (ok that's not Gilbride).

Then the defense looked like a completely different defense. Not soft, lots of physical play off the line by CBs (got Web burned early, but worked the rest of the way). Lots of change ups in blitzes.

They basically came out with plays and schemes that makes all game tape on the Giants prior to last night less valuable. That's a big thing going into the games we have left. Love the possibilities here.
Agreed. That was one of the best gameplans we've had on both ends in a while