Had we gone back and hired Herman Edwards. I have a lot of respect for the guy. He knows how to coach a football team. He has excellent ethics. He knows how to handle men who are reckless with their comments on their on teammates. Being critical is one thing but to bash your own teammates is not considered a team anymore. This team cannot pull together. We cannot blame it entirely on the coaches. Although they deserve a large chunk of it because of their lack of disciplinary actions and holding players accountable for their performance or lack thereof and their comments. Its just not a smart football team. The jibbering with other teams players and underhanded threats then not being able to back any of it up is just complete mockery of their bravado. Who are these clowns? Rex likes to think he owns up to his mistakes and decisions, but he has no control of the team. The veterans in this team are not good mentors. It feels like everyone on the team is playing for their own stat padding. For their own moral satisfaction. Herman wouldn't allow that. Herm would have taken control over these situations of anonymous people bashing teammates and lay down the Herm law. The man can speak. He can motivate. He can coach a game. He can coach men. I'm really just hoping to get a coach the likes of Herm. We need a Man to lead the Men. Not someone who cries more times in a season than my little sister when she gets her toys taken away.