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    Minnesota is probably the best team for him. He is familiar with the area has family and friends here. Also the timberwolves have a great relationship with Fred Hoiberg.

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    yeh I don't get his deal, they need to trade him though.
    when they forget what Kevin Long saids

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    If I were the Rockets I would suspend him for the season. I would also pay for him to take a year and get the damn help he needs. Have him see a shrink, find out what meds he needs to get on a plane and he could be fine. If they suspend him they won't have to pay his salary. He would probably agree to it if they got him help. That would also block another team from just picking him up and them wasting the 16th pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronz View Post
    Lol Free pick ? I think not
    cmon now Chronz, we both know you are bs'ing me here...

    Not that I care. Kahn could pick a piece of gold out of the earth player wise, but if he missed, you are on him. Fact my friend

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