Hi Everyone,

Check out a special live stream event UCLA will be presenting tomorrow, 11/27 @ 6pm PT with the Dodgers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSPLxATiiNg

"The Dodgers and Los Angeles after 50 Years: The Economics of how a Sports Icon and a City Grew Together"

Panel featuring

Peter Guber
Co-Owner, Los Angeles Dodgers
CEO, Mandalay Entertainment

Barry Axelrod '68, '71
Agent, Major League Baseball

Michael Young '85
Chief Revenue Officer, Los Angeles Dodgers

Ron Cey
Former third baseman, Los Angeles Dodgers
1981 World Series MVP

Mark Langill
Team Historian, Los Angeles Dodgers

Moderated by

Lee Ohanian
Professor, UCLA Department of Economics
Director of the Ettinger Family Program in Macroeconomic Research

Imagine a dynamic institute at UCLA that examines and teaches the economics of the sports world. The world-class expertise of the Economics Department combined with UCLA's powerhouse athletics pedigree will create the UCLA Institute for the Study of Economics of Sports and Society, the first university-based analytical program in America with a sole focus on the interaction of economics and sports, and the impact of this interaction on society and culture.