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    Batum was awesome last night. Leonard had a nice game as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by RC27 View Post

    But I've been saying since this summer, we should look at options for LA. Definitely something to explore.

    I was looking at the top PG's in the league, AND I have lillard at #10. Being a top 10 pg at 22 years old.... So exciting
    Did you just use Chris Haynes as a source? I think he had the worst off season of any journalist he got so much wrong.... especially regarding Batum one of the biggest pot stirrers... lost all cred not that he had any

    Just saying I read from Blazer brass and Minny brass that offer was never on the table but who cares haha just had to comment on Hanyes as a source

    Dwight Jayens and Haynes think their basketball knowledge and opinions are valid sources even though they both never played a lick... Talkin ball is like being in a bad bar full of know it all fans un watchable...... unless Tone or Kersey show there is not one valid source on the panel haha

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