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fukken lol what is this relativism-level horseshit argument? The players have gone out of their ****ing way to make concessions but because the owners won't get 100% what they want, they're not agreeing. The owners are acting like petulant 10 year olds that are mad they're getting 80% of what they want.

Bettman saying "let's take a two week break" is literally him saying "let's see how high and mighty y'all are after you miss another paycheck, SUCKERS". The owners are scum and they're getting frantic that the PA finally has a good negotiator that isn't just collapsing like the last time.

How's this for a major concession? The players agreed to go to 50/50 immediately, but the owners still ****ing balked because GOD FORBID THEY HONOR THEY'RE ****ING CONTRACTS.

he important thing to remember though is it's just about 8 owners forcing this ****. MOst of the other owners are really not as involved as the scum driving this whole thing.
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Three ****ing lockouts under moleman. Three. Seriously the worst commissioner in sports history.
lol awesome posts.

I love the fact that more and more players (White, Versteeg, ...) are calling out Bettman directly. Was it Versteeg who said that regardless how this ends Bettman has to go? He called for him to be deep sixed and I really didn't see it coming.

Hopefully the cry to get rid of this *** start getting louder and louder.