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Thread: Kings/Magic

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    Sacramento Trades:
    Tyreke Evans
    John Salmons
    Jason Thompson

    Magic Trade:
    Aaron Afflalo
    Hedo Turkoglu
    Maurice Harkless

    Why for Magic?
    Build around JT, Tyreke, Nelson and draft picks. Tyreke can lead a team to the playoffs with the right supporting group. Magic need a center piece and Tyreke Evans is a good start. They have many draft picks and lots of spending money. Tyreke is a guy that could help lure someone the te great Orlando area. Thomspson is a very solid NBA big man. He can shoot, he can defend, and his post moves are unorthodox but they work. He bangs with the best down low. The guy is a flat out hustler. John Salmons is coming off a rough season and is looking to redeem himself. Being in Orlando where he can be one of the go to guys would help him get back to himself.

    Why for Kings?
    Kings need a lot of things. Defense has played very well the first 3 games but can't find their offense. By trading Tyreke, a ball dominant guard, the Sacramento Kings create more shots for Marcus Thornton and Demarcus Cousins. They would also be receiving a great defender and shooter in Afflalo. They also need a guy who is a willing passer and can create for himself,. Enter Hedo Turkoglu. He may not be able to create like he used to, but is a great and willing passer. Maurice Harkless could be the Kings SF of the future.

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    Just about no way the Magic go for this. They were high on Afflalo and Harkless - high enough to do the deal they got for Dwight.
    I'm sure they'd like to get rid of Hedo, but not for an even longer deadweight salary (Salmons), a middle-of-the-pack big man and Tyreke, whose stock is pretty low.

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    If the Magic get rid of Hedo, it is going to be for an expiring contract. They are in rebuild mode so they do not want to bring in any more long term contracts.

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    I still think Tyreke has franchise player potential. I like it for the Magic.

    Kristaps Porzingis
    Stronger than most 15 year old girls.

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    Why for Magic?
    Build around JT, Tyreke, Nelson and draft picks.

    Bold is where you screwed up...Seriously build around Nelson? Or even Thompson!? Crazy talk, both are no better than back ups.

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