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    Raiders vs Saints SOLD OUT!

    The Raiders' home game against New Orleans on Sunday will be televised on local television, the Raiders announced Thursday afternoon.
    It is the first time in three home games the Raiders have not requested an extension to sell enough tickets to avoid a local TV blackout as Oakland requested and received extensions for games against Jacksonville and Tampa Bay.

    The Raiders, riding a two-game losing streak in which the have been outscored by a cumulative 97-52, are 3-6 while the Saints, who began the season 0-4, are 4-5.

    Oakland, this summer, took advantage of the league's new 85 percent threshold rule, so they do not have to sell out every seat in Coliseum, the second-smallest listed capacity in the NFL at 63,132, to televise a game locally.

    The Raiders now boast 13 straight non-blacked out games, dating to the 2011 home opener, with 62 televised home games and 79 blackouts since returning in 1995 from 13 seasons in Los Angeles.

    Sunday's game is being broadcast by Fox, with Dick Stockton and John Lynch in the booth and Jennifer Hale as the sideline reporter. Kickoff is scheduled for 1:05 p.m. PT.


    I thought after the *** spanking we got we wouldnt sell out. i dont get it when the raiders are still in the playoff race we need extensions to sell out a stadium but when we're practiclly out of the playoffs we sell out quickly . Well i'll be there and im happy we sold out hopefully we pull a miracle and turn this season around.
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    I'm pretty sure most of it has to do with who we're playing. The last 2 home games were against the Jags and the Bucs.

    People would love to watch Drew Brees and the Saints. It's a great game to go see."Any time he comes to my area or Georges area to catch a ball his goin to get hit and his goin to get hit hard because his done alot of mouthing off personal i think his more interested in being an annoucer then a football player" - Jack Tatum

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    In a related story...local markets have sold out of kleenex as fans rushed out in anticipation of the arsewhopping we are going to recieve....

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    I am gonna be there of coarse when we bought tickets I thought we would be in the run oh well lets go raiderssss

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephkyle7 View Post
    In a related story...local markets have sold out of kleenex as fans rushed out in anticipation of the arsewhopping we are going to recieve....
    That's funny

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    The season is over for us either way but teams like New Orleans that play soft we usually compete with like Atlanta and San Diego. The teams that are physical up front give us fits like Miami and Baltimore. It may just be the type of game we can win as long as we don't abandon the run again before the game even starts!

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