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    Quote Originally Posted by waveycrockett View Post
    Nets didn't have Gerald Wallace, their best defender and one of their best rebounders and Marshon Brooks who is their 6th man. The game really wasn't close until the end either. Knicks core have all been together over a 1 year.

    Dude, stop dunking your face in toilet water for more than 45 seconds, it's really starting to kill the few brain cells you have left.

    Gerald Wallace has been with the team since last season, the Nets traded for him guy. If anything the Knicks have more room to improve because we are much deeper and almost everyone on this team is new and still geling. You obviously know nothing. Our coach is almost a brand new coach. The Nets have that same old tired Avery Johnson, with a good scoring big man (Brooks) who can't rebound over small forwards, the Nets would not match up well with the Knicks. Only battle the Nets win over the Knicks is at PG, and with the way Felton is playing as a knick, that battle is still going to be a close one, everywhere else, the Knicks win big, SG, SF, PF and even center because Brooks plays no D and catches no boards, Tyson does all the little things that make a difference at the C spot. Knicks have also beat playoff contending teams and are still missing their 2nd best offensive player (Amare) and their 2nd best defensive player (Shumpert) but remain undefeated. How is that not more impressive than what the BK Nets have done? Nets really haven't done anything but win the games they are supposed to but not even in impressive fashion, they almost got taken by the Raptors plus beating the Celtics without Rondo at home for BK is a must win and they almost lost.
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    By the way, the hat is Brooklyn, not Boston, sorry Bean Heads.

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