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Again, the devil is in the details. Even the Bishop of the C of D has to agree that if you can get a young, consistent outfielder who will hit 30+ homers, bat over .280, and run, catch and throw, you make the trade.

You just have to be sure who you're getting. My biggest fear is that the Mets are less concerned about who they get in return for Robert Allen than to rid themselves of a would-be large contract.

Two years, 24 million is almost ridiculously reasonable for Dickey, and i even wonder if those numbers are legitimate. But if the numbers are correct, and the Mets dump Dickey anyway, then it would become proof positive the Mets only interest is in charging premium, retail prices for a bargain basement team.

And if that's the case, nothing else matters anyway.
I agree with everything said here. I want the Mets to get as close to a sure thing in return as possible.

With that said, I'd be just as happy if he's resigned.