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LOL yet again you have proven your stupidity....you should read my post again because I'm pretty sure I never said one thing about their defense? BTW I like how you go on to basically say there defense is the same 1 and 1A for worst power forward defenders in the game which is a stupid argument to begin with hahaha. You basically DID mention there games when you said neither one of there statistics mean anything which is just stupid to say. You don't compare somebody dropping 26 a game and gobbling up 13 rebounds to David ****ing Lee....moronic to be honest.
Aight well tell me if Love affects the game like his numbers suggest they do, he hasn't made the playoffs one time? Only been an all-star once, never been on a team over .500? I don't care who else you have on your team, if your putting up 26 & 13 your team should be in the playoffs. Your a typical fan who doesn't know **** about basketball.