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Thread: Tedford Fired

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    Apr 2012

    Tedford Fired

    Jeff Tedford was fired on Tuesday after 11 seasons at California that began with great promise and ended with a disappointing run of mediocrity.

    The decision was announced by athletic director Sandy Barbour at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.
    Wonder who they will go after now, he did get help get most of the funds for the new stadium but just had some recent terrible seasons. Cameron Hunt a commit is now looking at UCLA, also there last 2 classes had alot of talent so expect a few transfers.

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    Mark Helfrich is one of the lead candidates, but I'm sure he will wait to see whether Chip leaves. I doubt Cal is going to go with a hire like Bobby Petrino, but if they did they could become a power. Great facilities, good recruiting pipelines, great academics, etc.
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    I used to be a big Cal fan before I went to USC, and Tedford's teams were fun to watch in the Rodgers and even Longshore days. It just seems like he's gotten stale as a coach. Probably a good time for change

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