You are a overreacting, debbie downer poster who cries wolf when we lose and have an orgasm when we win.

You have a mancrush on andris biedrins and are jealous because he got bossed up in the backseat and you didnt.

You think you are Hunter Pence but fail to realize you are a fanboy and just love stubble on men who wear tights.

You are a fairweather fan, and you overreact like a 14 year old girl who wont go to school because she has a huge pimple on her nose.

When the Warriors breakout like said pimple, you will be all over them like a six year old attempting to get an autograph from Kobe Bryant. But I, along with many other faithful posters on here, will deny you like Eminem did to Stan outside of Denver, when it was in the cold, six below, four hours and he just said no.

Please, for the love of sanctity in this forum, refrain from being a nuisance to others by being as bipolar as San Francisco's weather, and only be thoughtful and insightful with your posts like a husband on valentines day.