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Toronto is a large market. We don't get calls because our players aren't very good. We usually do (or don't do) one of two things, we either fail at selling our fouls or making it too obvious. That and we haven't earned the benefit of the call yet. Referees aren't robots and basketball is a fast paced sport. They don't have the benefit of slow motion video replays. Incompetency is a much more logical explanation.

Let's not forget the fact that we have attempted more FTs on average than NY this season (even if you count our over time game we have more fouls/min than them).
This is what I think. It's not always fair, but you don't get calls in the paint until you prove that you can hit the shot. Derozan is a prime example, he rushes into traffic and even if he doesn't get fouled he can't always convert. In a league where free throws can decide a game or even sometimes a season, the refs can't just hand out time at the charity stripe to anybody that runs into somebody else. It has to be an NBA-caliber basketball move. We're getting there, but just not yet.

....that being said, I'm really glad they took a look at the whole flopping and Chauncey Billups/Dwyane Wade "Shot-fake-and-jump-three-feet-towards-your-man" move. Again, technically it is a foul, but that's just not how basketball players shoot, so you can't get that call.