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The more I look at our youngsters the more they remind me of a young OKC or Memphis. A little more chemistry and they will be a playoff team.
I don't see it that way at all, the lone youngster that excites me is Drummond, his potential is limitless.

I know Knight is still young but his carelessness and inconsistency drives me nuts. I want him to grow and mature into a franchise player but I'm not seeing it right now. His best asset is scoring, and he's not even all that strong in that regard. His ceiling could be a Jamal Crawford type player at this point.

Moose has been bothering me with inconsistency lately too, and he needs to get a "grip" on his offensive game as well. I don't hate either player and am excited to see what they become, but I don't see the OKC comparison.

It's sad how our 2nd unit has been winning games lately, with CV gunning from three, Bynum penetrating, Drum finishing STRONG, and Daye actually contributing (shockingly).

Maybe I'm on PSD too late on a Friday night lol, but the only young guy that truly excites me right now is Andre.

I hate bringing a somewhat negative vibe to the forum after a win against the defending champs, but our games are being won right now not because of our young guys (outside of Drummond), but more because of Bynum/Drum/CV. Maybe if Knight gets more time with Drummond he can be just as effective as Bynum (and hopefully moreso), but we won't know until we see them play together more.

Wow I totally just went on a rant there, sorry guys. GO PISTONS!