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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Magoo View Post
    Don't bother. Reality doesn't matter to him. Technically Schillens was signed to be the #2, but he got hurt (as usual) in training camp, so Hill moved up on the chart. Remember how mad Chaz was that Cro declared himself the second best WR on the team?

    He's trying so hard to bait me by attacking my posts after I told him that I was done with him. I guess some people can't take rejection. It's actually sad how desperate some people are for someone to talk to them.

    Kind of like his new girlfriend (Beetlejuice) who popped in here a couple of weeks ago because he hates the fact I told the truth about him months ago.
    You have a pretty high opinion of yourself.

    And you cannot stop bashing me. And once again, I'm the agressive one. Right.

    For someone who claimed to be "done" with someone, I see an awful lot of chatter.

    If you were so "correct", you need not continually affirming so. Be more confident. You don't need my approval.
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