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So trade the arguable best CB to play the game next to Deion who is still in his prime for a measly 1st round? Are you serious? WOW!

For Jarvis Jones...who never played a snap? Glen Dorsey was expected to be dominant as a Rookie...how is he doing? (1 of 1,000,000 examples).
Agreed. Revis is historically good. But as I have said I have moved off my stance of untradable, and moved him to highly improbable. But if a team was working from a trade that in principle traded Holmes for a number 1 receiver and a pick that allowed us along with our pick to take 2 of Manti, Jones, and Mingo, and a good player for Revis I am listening.

The two examples I used were Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin, or Heyward-Bay and DMC. Revis changes a whole defense and means more then that to us. So thats where you have to start to get him in my opinion.

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I don't have a problem with Holmes as much as I have a problem with the GM thinking he has a #1 wide receiver.

I think Holmes is a good player, but how much attention does he get from the other team's game plan? I think hes the type of guy that could be a #2 and put up better numbers than the #1.
He was drawing some attention, but more importantly is he could be one on one coverage. That matters. Still an expensive jerk.