Figured it might be a little early but maybe this could cheer us up a bit. Maybe some hope.

Basically, the Jets need to address a lot of positions this offseason: QB, RB, WR, RT, G, OLB, FS. Hopefully we can draft and sign players at these positions because unlike others, I do think there is some talent on this team: Kerley, Hill, Mangold, Brick, Wilk, Harris, Revis, Cro, Landry.

Now lets take a look at realistic free agents at each position. Let's start with the most important one: QB

1) Jason Cambell - I am a believer that this guy could be a top 15 QB with the right weapons around him
2) Matt Moore - Impressed in Miami, still young
3) Tarvaris Jackson - Wasn't horrible in Seattle but still not that great


1) Reggie Bush - Very good in Miami, would add a new explosive dimension to our offense
2) Felix Jones - Good #2 back, could work out

WR (Hoping we can get rid of Holmes Contract):

1) Greg Jennings (Would be amazing but what receiver wants to come here)
2) Dwayne Bowe (Same as above)
3) Mike Wallace (Same as above doubt he goes)


1) Ryan Clady (Will want monster money)
2) Branden Albert (Will get money)
3) Sebastian Vollmer (Patriot but GREAT RT)
4) Andre Smith (Nice Option)


1) Shaun Phillips (Old but quick pass rusher)
2) Anthony Spencer (Nice option)
3) Daryl Smith (Nice Option)