I was a prophet here lol

Got picked up by Fox Sports at the time, was the first article I wrote to be picked up nationally, quite cool, gave me 10k views that day.


I don’t care how you view Matt Kemp but you have to respect that instead of attacking those who’ve been on him all year he says “I’ll show ‘em!” instead of “Idiots don’t know what they’re talking about!” Do I think that he’ll get 40-40? No, his stolen base high is only 36 and the more home runs he hits, the less chance he’ll have of stealing bases and because he’s more of a gap hitter than a pull hitter and most of his home-runs go to right center, he’s more likely to go 30-30 with a .300 batting average than .250 with 40 home runs and 40 steals.

This is what I want from Matt Kemp. 160 Games, hit .300+ with 25+ Home-Runs, 30 + Steals, 30+ doubles, .350+ OBP and play a solid center-field that’s all we need from him, let Andre Either be the clean up hitter, you be the #3 and set the pace for the line up.

There’s no reason to trade this guy, it would be worse than the Pedro Martinez trade, he’s coming into his prime next year and getting a vet that would last only a few years would make it worse. BTW Colletti, just lock Kemp up already he’s 26 and he’ll take about 10-12 per year, lock him up before he blows up and you’ll have to pay him 15+