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    MKG or Barnes impressed you more so far?


    MKG break out game:

    41 minutes, 8/12 from the field, 9/10 FT line, 25 points, 12 rebounds in an OT win against Dallas.

    Barnes break out game:

    39 minutes, 6/11 from the field, 6/8 from FT line, 13 rebounds, 19 points in win against Atlanta

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    I expected a bit more from Barnes while MKG is producing what I expected.

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    I dont understand much of the advanced statistics, but it seems like MKG has him beat across the board.
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    I would say Barnes by a nose. Kidd-Gilchrist is one of those players that just works so hard that it seems impossible that he won't at least become a solid player. His production makes sense. Barnes is one of those high ceiling prospects that could have easily pulled a disappearing act in GState. The fact that he's doing a little bit of everything and scoring in a variety of ways ALREADY is a very good sign for Warrior's fans. That team has some serious potential and youth. Synergy also gives Barnes the edge on both sides of the floor which I did not expect. It is early though.

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    Both have been decent but I'll go with MKG.
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