We need to nip this in the bud right now.

1 - fine them two weeks wages for bringing the team into disrepute

2 - bench them for two weeks

3 - final warning. second offence and you are going to have the book thrown at you.


Any non playing member of staff

1 - final written warning. if it happens again instant dismissal for gross misconduct


These "me first" athletes are making a mockery of our team, showing zero respect for the coaches and leadership of the team, and destroying morale.

However talented an individual is (and plenty of those piping up or hiding like cowards behind anon leaks to the press arent especially good at NFL level), a team of people fighting together and working for each other is worth more than any level of individual talent that doesnt.

We need to see Rex take charge of this immediately. And if he cant, he isnt a head coach and we need somebody that is.