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    From the article:

    Over and over, Lin insists that so much of the basketball criticism had been justified – yes, he turned the ball over far too much, he says – but Lin had always considered himself a work in progress, far from polished, and he assuredly insists that he never compared himself with the game's elite.
    That's sort of being part of a New York franchise though. He also says this:

    Of the open criticism on his free-agent windfall, Lin told Y! Sports: "I was a little surprised, but I wasn't shocked. I honestly feel it's part of the underlying issue of race in American society … of being an Asian-American.
    This part sounds ridiculous to me. I know there may be some racial undertones and some certain people may come at it that way, but the contract was just ridiculous to just about anyone outside of New York. D'Antoni helped make Linsanity. As for the hype, it wasn't because he was Asian but because he was a Harvard nobody who had been cut twice and suddenly put up historic numbers.

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    Lin helped all the asian american's where i live want to play basketball more and act like they can ball up. He was a one trick pony and now he has fell back down to earth. He shouldnt blame anything on race though. Everyone likes to pull the fast one and say they got screwed how about you play harder and people respect you? it is just a thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by KB-Pau-DH2012 View Post
    I can already tell Ms. Lin will be a diva for the rest of her career.
    You're not Stephen A Smith so stop it

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    being asian was the only reason you became popular mr rin. so just hush. man i hate when people pull the race card

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    Glad we have Felton


    New York Jets..New York Knicks..New York Yankees..Barcelona!!

  6. 11-15-2012, 02:24 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giants #1 Fan View Post
    First it's his knees, now it's his race....what's next your d**k?
    This is epic right here!!!!

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    He SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Sorry but race has nothing to do with you being a crappy overpaid player. He jumped ship and thats why NY fans 5HITTED ON HIM. He deserved evrything he got except for that ridiculous contract. He didn't complain that his endorsement deals were prob because he's Asian. Stop making excuses and go practice some more.

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    This is ridiculous. I have never met someone who is actually prejudiced against Asians, especially Asian-Americans born in the states. Yeah, people native to Asian countries get mocked because of their accent and the way they speak the english language, but American born people of Asian decent don't even get poked fun at for anything more than being great at science and math.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongIslandIcedZ View Post
    A gigantic part of the Linsanity craze stemmed from the fact that he was Asian. I dont think anyone would dispute that. If he were black, it would be a cool story, but it would not be "Linsanity."
    exactly, but leading the knicks to multiple games, a 10 game winning streak, right? that was more impressive. he was some nobody who was rotting on the bench. but I aggree, if it was just some 4th string pg ( which he was) and just started getting the knicks a 10 game winning streak and putting up MVP numbers, He would be getting attention only in the NBA. BUt because hes asian, everyone knew of him, and no one can dispute it.


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    More like the result of burning bridges with such a LARGE market with loyal fans all around the world as N.Y

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    Linsanity. Prove them haters wrong.

    And it was also blown out of proportion because he came from Harvard. Not all was from race
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    The ironic thing is that race had a big reason on why he got so popular.

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    If he were black or even white, would he have gotten overlooked in the draft?

    I am not saying he goes round 1. But he probably gets drafted.

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    as an Asian, I can tell you asians getopenly picked on more by every other race due to the stereotype that asians are passive therefore we're easy to pick on. I experienced it as a kid, seen it happen to others in high school, and I still experience it some time when I play pick up baskerball. I mean...thonk about hear people say "ching chong ching" a lot more often than the n word or wetback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightybosstone View Post
    This thread is an overreaction and will undoubtedly lead to 100 posts of people ripping the kid. Regardless of what he said, people in New York completely turned on him overnight and he has a right to feel a tad offended by how quickly his fans turned on him.

    Do I necessarily think his race is the reason people were so critical of him after he left New York? No. But it also isn't far fetched to think that if his race made him an instant star that it could also lead him to be instantly criticized when something goes wrong.
    you act like everybody in new york liked him to begin personally i never liked him...the kid is butthurt because he's asian well i would be butthurt if i was asian too...but the reason people dont like him is because he sucks and hes overrated yet he gets all this attention like he's the best player in the league (see tebow)...the new york fans that did like him, dont like him now because he weaseled his way out of new york and didnt want to be here...that has nothing to do with him being asian

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