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What a dishonest comparison, such a straw man argument, bringing cranial dimensions and the brain-by far the most complex and fascinating organ in the natural world and as complicated as quantum mechanics- into a dick measuring contest? Are you serious? I don't have access aside from abstracts to scholarly articles but in this case I believe its true, if you know anything about statistics, all data is flawed, especially in collecting something as sensitive as this. Metadata collected on the internet is likely the best place to find data on the subject. I'm sorry if you're butthurt but that hardly makes me a moron.
Dude this whole paragraph makes NO sense.

And the article you linked to even flat out says "critics have claimed that Mr Flynn’s research is flawed because the penis length data was gathered from websites", with NO METHODOLOGY, meaning this "professor" just made that **** up.

And "metadata collected on the internet" is the best place to find data on the subject??? Lmao!!!