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    Cashman may do nothing this off-season.

    Something gives me the feeling that the Yankees are not going to do anything of note this winter. I think Cashman is going to give us the, 'We almost made it even with injuries' type speech.

    We may pick up a few players from the MLB trash heap when the good ones are gone. Who is to say he is wrong? Maybe we will still win. We do have a very good team on paper, at least for now, but alot has to happen to keep it that way. Much of that is Jeter, Mo and Andy all being healthy and perfroming up to par.

    Go Yankees!!!
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    'Real' Yankee fans tell the truth about the team whether it is nice or not.

    "Well, that kind of puts a damper on even a Yankee win."
    -- Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto after reading a bulletin that Pope Paul VI had died

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