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    Just How Good Can Kyrie Irving Be?

    Hey Cavs fans, Grizzlies fan here. i dont get the chance to watch many of your games, as you all probably don't catch many Grizz games, but i am very curious as to how good Kyrie Irving is, and can be. Ive heard a lot about him and seen some highlights, but have not really watched enough full games to get a good idea how consistent he is. So i decided to come to the Cavs forum and ask the fans who watch his every game. So, how good can this kid be, and what other PG in history would you compare him to?

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    Just How Good Can Kyrie Irving Be?

    I personally think the Kyrie is going so be the best point guard in the nba within the next 2yrs.

    His game is so smooth for a guy his age, but in terms of skill, scoring and his ball handling, i see a bit of allen iverson in him.

    Obviously he isn't the same player Iverson was, but his game is somewhat similar being a score-first guard.

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    Kyrie's got top point guard talent. Scoring comes effortlessly and he can essentially score at will against even the best defenders. Also a lot of his distribution skills get lost in the stats because his teammates often cant finish after an assist. His defense needs work though. Not to mention his playing style is in my opinion the most fun to watch out of the entire league. All in all, he will be the top point guard come 2 years from now.

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