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    Aug 2007
    NW Indiana (just outside my hometown of Chicago)

    Cool Not sure if I did one of these or not...

    ...but if I did, it was probably way too long ago, so please allow me to re-introduce myself... name is Nick. My username name reflects more of my love for the game than my actual skill level. Anyway, I live in NW Indiana, but I was born & raised in the 'City of Wind'. I was active duty in the Army for 4 years. Another 4 in the IRR (basically, the inactive reserves). I'm a fan of all teams in the Chicagoland area (except for the White Sox). Some of you may (or may not) know me from various other sports boards (including my very own) by my more popular username these days, WC Jerome (meaning Windy City & my middle name). I have been a member of this place since August of '07. I obviously haven't been very active around here over the years, but I'm gonna try to change that. I hope to see y'all around...
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