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    Aldridge equal channing Frye with max potential.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeDirt05 View Post
    its always the clipper fans who hate on LMA because they know he is better then Blake and if it wasnt for ESPN and dunking he wouldnt be as good as people say he is
    i swear i had never heard of them even existing here a year a go just thought there were blake griffin and chris paul fans
    @paulpierce34 I told Wade I will **** his mom like how my man D. West did his mans. Thats why I got ejected
    Ignore List:
    AIMelo=KillaDUO; Reason: Makes up stories to protect the one he beats his meat to everynight(Melo)
    Chucky Woods; Reason: Packer Homer that just talks outta his Azz
    HaruSoul; Reason: Sanchez homer can't see that he is a POS qb
    Hustlenomics; Reason: Good luck debating with this Ronda homer
    nickdymez; Reason: Kobe/Laker homer but didn't even know how the Lakers got Kobe

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