Just looking at his stats and seeing the targets/play count. He is seeing less with every passing week. Also he said recently on the radio that the team hasn't been working with his agent on a new deal (that was a couple weeks ago when he asked for a trade).

But here are his stats for the season and you can see them slowly going down with every week.


But what is more condemning is that Taylor Thompson has been getting more and more playing time every week. This last week he had more plays than Jared Cook (24 to 23). This just 2 weeks after Mike Munchak promised to get Jared Cook more involved in the games because he is "a key piece of their offense".

Just look at the numbers. They are already paying Craig Stevens $4 million a year. You know that Jared Cook is gonna demand more money than that but can you pay it when you are splitting snaps pretty evenly between 3 guys? You already have Chris Johnson, Nate Washington, David Stewart and Michael Roos making around a combined +$30 million. Kenny Britt is gonna want a big contract next offseason.

How much money do you want tied up on the offense when your defense is terrible.