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Thread: Values

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    Mar 2012


    If we packaged Thomas and Henderson what type of players or picks you think we could get? Josh Smith and a 1st rounder..... Or Derrick Williams and some picks..... Any ideas?????

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    I dont want Williams. He doesnt seem to have a position in the league. Smith, depends on his new contract.

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    Jul 2010
    Tyrus is doing great right now, having few minutes but still able to contribute on the offensive and defensive end. he might have the value cats paying him...
    he might turn back time...i guess.

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    Apr 2009
    If Warrick ends up working out I do wonder about Tyrus, I am not sure about Hendo but I don't see MJ paying him big money. Maybe we could work out a deal with OKC, they need a young SG since they don't have Harden anymore.

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    Trade TT for a bag of chip. Unless Cho can work his magic, no team should honestly take on his contract AND give up anything valuable. Maybe we get a 1st from a playoff team, but that's about it.

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