Look ive been watching the Clippers game and I could honestly say im sick and tired about how everyone is criticizing us about how we treated Phil.

PHIL JACKSON, GOD BLESS him, 11 championships, the best coach of all time in sports.

But let me just say this and I hope to hear from you fellow Laker fans. Didn't it maybe ever occur to you that maybe Phil Jackson was just asking to much??

I would have to admit that I did want Phil to comeback but you cannot deny the fact that a little part of you was kinda wondering if Phil did coach us again, what will happen with Steve NASH?

Everyone was saying how we brought in Steve Nash to be STEVE NASH. I honestly would have to say how could Steve NASH be STEVE NASH in the triangle offense? (Ahem Gary Payton Ahem)

Based on the past, Phil Jackson has never had a a great POINT GUARD. That is why I think of you're an analyst, a writer or anything who observes the game you should be Open minded about this stuff.

In the past few days I never once heard from ESPN, TNT, NBA TV or anything that say Mike D'Antoni is the RIGHT MAN.

I heard this from 710 ESPN about how Jerry Buss basically hired Mike D'Antoni to see SHOWTIME 2.0.

Lets Get over it, Much LOVE and RESPECT for Phil but hey I understand Jerry, Id do anything just to get a glimpse of SHOWTIME before he's time is up. And with the right POINT GUARD, probably the 3rd best PG of all time on your team in STEVE NASH, with the right coach. HEY SHOWTIME 2.0!