All the criticism the Lakers are getting right now, is fair. But for reasons you may not think. It comes with the territory. Success breeds envy. Every decision is dissected but you have to look at the big picture here. No sports team can win every year so nobody is perfect but since 1980 the Buss family and the Lakers have 10 championships (2 very recent) and 16 finals appearances. Basically in the last 32 years half of the time the Lakers are in the finals and 1/3 of the time they are think they might be doing something right. Most people wanted Phil back but most people wanted Phil gone in 2011. The Lakers decided to go with a faster, easier to pick up, better for Steve Nash offense. Honestly Howard can fit in any offense, so can Kobe and believe it or not so can Metta. Pau would fit better in the triangle but I would rather have Nash more comfortable then Pau because he is the floor general. The Lakers bench without question would pick up and benefit better in the Dantoni system. Phil has a great success record but nobody can argue that he is all but done with coaching in the NBA. And if he already has 1 foot out the door and Dantoni is hungier and Nash is better suited in this offense and the bench is better suited for this offense and the Lakers more often then not make good decisions and in 2014 when guys like Lebron are available and Dantoni will still be around, is this decision that terrible. At worst its a 50/50 call and haven't they earned the benefit of the doubt. If this works then showtime and more championships are on the way and that alone is worth the gamble. Im all in