Itís a good thing the Jets arenít a circus.

To cap a day in which multiple Jets said backup quarterback Tim Tebow is ďterrible,Ē coach Rex Ryan called out the unnamed critics as cowardly, and Tebow expressed sadness at the situation, running back Shonn Greene went the other way, suggesting that maybe the clocks should finally be set to Tebow Time.

ďSomethingís got to change,Ē Greene told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports. ďWhen you get to the point where youíre 3-6, and losing and losing, a couple of guys are like, ĎOh, what would happen [if Tebow played]? But guys at the same time have faith in Mark, so itís kind of an up-and-down thing.

ďYou feel bad for Mark, but at the same time you want to win games. Weíre not here to protect peopleís feelings. If you want to win games, youíve got to try something. If somebodyís not getting the job done, you see if somebody else can do it. Itís the same with coaching, or any position. You donít mean to belittle someone or say Ďhe sucks.í Thatís just the harsh reality.Ē

The problem is that itís now too late to switch to Tebow. If it works, and if the Jets actually start winning, it likely will be too late to help them get to the playoffs. Which would serve only to invite questions regarding why the Jets didnít make the change sooner.

The bigger problem is that the Jets appear to have the beginnings of a schism. Yes. Schism.

And it possibly wasnít an accident that Greene included coaching in his list of things that may need to be changed for the team to become successful.
This team is a complete and udder joke. It is clear to me now Ryan needs to go, he is delusional in all aspects of the Jets. He still thinks Sanchez is the best thing since sliced bread and has lost the lockeroom TWO years in a row.

To hell with em all.

Woody sell the team.

Ryan go back to being a defensive coordinator.

Mike T go be an accountant somewhere.

Soprano please take a long flight to somewhere in Alaska.

Mark & Tebow go scout some college quarterbacks for us.

Greene go try to outrun a sloth.

The circus has come full circle.