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    no more turner at the 3

    Its not a coincidence that we lost 2 in a row with the jrich turner wings, after turner had a few good games at the 2 with jrich out.... games which we won! Turner is better at the 2. Our best lineup is jrue turner wright thad hawes (maybe insert lavoy in there for thad or hawes) right now, and i never see it out there for long enough stretches.

    Im not defending turner, not making excuses for his pedestrian play. Im not a huge fan of his anymore...

    BUT..... Hes clearly better at the 2.... He played better there than he has at the 3.

    I dont need to see so much jrich or nick young anymore.... Theyre bench wings... Id rather see these sixers go big than with these stupid pseudo lineups with wright and thad as the 4 and 5.

    That is all.
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