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Thread: best man speech

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    It's stressful to have to do these, but it could be worse. I was once called on to give such a speech impromptu when the best man got lost for over an hour between the wedding site and the reception -- now there is some stress. I mostly made fun of the groom for being bald and paunchy compared to his hot wife. Everyone but him loved it, and I owed him one for putting me on the spot.
    1 Kings 11:3: “He (Solomon) had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray.” -- Biblical marriage. One man, seven hundred women.

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    I actually practiced and timed mine. Came off natural though, a couple "wow, no paper, off the top of the head huh?" even. Kept tweaking and shortening it to stay at about five minutes. Like was earlier said, thank everyone for coming, don't forget that this is 1/3 let the crowd know how great your bro is, 1/3 how excited (or just fake this) you are to have the bride coming into your family and 1/3 say funny $#it.
    My method has been to come up with humiliating stories about the groom, but turn it into "and that's why he's so great and you will have fun with him, (bride)..."

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    Take BMD's advice make it short and painless and keep it clean. Remember there are usually children, parents and grandparents in attendance. Doesn't have to be G rated but keep it at least PG-13. I've been to plenty of weddings and stories about the groom getting arrested and the sexual jokes don't go over too well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy25 View Post
    Just come from the heart.

    I have done a few.

    A joke I did one time:

    I started off one, where I started off, said my name, said I'm the best man.

    I said 'they often say the best man speech is supposed to take as long as it takes to consummate the marriage' and then I sat down.

    Then got back up and gave a heart felt speech about good times with the groom, and welcoming the bride into the 'family'

    I had another one just a month ago, but for some reason I'm drawing a blank on my joke, and it went over really really well, far better than the first.

    I'll have to ask my wife, I can't believe I have already forgotten it. I came up with it then though, I'll share when I remember/someone tells me.
    BTW, I remembered this one, but unless you are already married, it won't work

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