I'm watching them right now and they have Jalen Rose stuttering as he welcomes us back from the commercial. They throw it to Simmons who regurgitates one of his recent blogs. Magic jumps in and doesn't really make much sense. Then Wilbon tries to make a witty point and transition into a new topic...

They all seem out of place. None of it comes off as natural. You would think Wilbon would be the main host and they would format the discussion/show around him... but no. There doesn't seem to even be a format. Also, Wilbon has always came off to me as someone who thinks he is way more important than he actually is. At least on PTI, kornheiser keeps him in check.

-I don't even think it's worth comparing them to the TNT crew but what about past ESPN crews? I didn't really mind Jon Barry on there with Stu Scott and a couple others... it wasn't great, but it was far better than what they are giving us now.

Is this a worry for you guys? Do you even watch the pre-game/halftime shows?