I've been watching and playing basketball for a long time. Linsanity ranks as one of the most enjoyable stretches as a fan of the game, ever.

I was hyped up for this season; Lin had a chance to prove himself in a new town, for a new team. And now, those hopes are all but shattered.

Lin is playing in a "system" which works against him and therefore works to the disadvantage of the rockets. Lin is most effective with a high usage rate, initiating the offense. Instead, he's been assigned a passive role, doing nothing but shooting an occasional spot up jumper.

Meanwhile, harden is struggling with his predictable iso-ball/1 on 1 mandate. He's shooting 43% from the field and has more TO's than assists.

The glorious run during Linsanity, and the promise of being one half of the flashiest, and best backcourt in the league, will soon become nothing more than a distant memory as Lin fades into mediocrity and obscurity.

RIP Linsanity, and thanks for the memories.