"This is my first home," he said of Boston, where the Jazz are playing tonight. "This will always be my home away from home. (Celtics president) Danny Ainge gave me a chance when nobody else did. If that situation were to happen, Iíd love to do that again. But right now, like I said, itís all about taking care of business and finishing out the season right."
"He just keeps getting better and better," Rivers said. "The thing I thought Iíd never say about Al, heís becoming a better passer. And Iíve very happy about that for him. He just keeps working on his game. He hit that one little stretch where, he had lost a lot, you could see heís fought through that now. Making that playoff run, and he was a big part of it last year, has kind of re-stoked him and thatís good. Heís a heck of a guy."
I think he'd be a great option in free agency if they can find a way to get Bass/Green off the books for it to make sense money-wise.