National Review Online
The Party's Problem
By Ramesh Ponnuru

Romney was not a drag on the Republican party. The Republican party was a drag on him. Aaron Blake pointed out in the Washington Post that Romney ran ahead of most of the Republican Senate candidates: He did better than Connie Mack in Florida, George Allen in Virginia, Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, Denny Rehberg in Montana, Jeff Flake in Arizona, Pete Hoekstra in Michigan, Deb Fischer in Nebraska, Rick Berg in North Dakota, Josh Mandel in Ohio, and of course Todd Akin in Missouri and Richard Mourdock in Indiana. In some cases Romney did a lot better. (He also did slightly better than Ted Cruz in Texas, a race Blake for some reason ignored.)
Yes, I read the National Review. I do not live in the liberal bubble. This article by a respected conservative author in a respected conservative publication should give Republicans pause, stop and think, and realize the finger pointing at Romney is just wrong.

It is my opinion that the party that is reaching out to expand is the one that is winning the national argument. The Democratic Party, at this point in time is that party, while the Republican Party is doing quite the opposite. I have heard forever that the country is a center/right country, (which makes no sense to me, because where center is changes) and right now, the Republican Party needs to become a center/right party, if it wants to thrive. As of now, it is just right, and further right.