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... jacquewho... My college team.. BOILER UP.....Question how can you sign 6 players for 3 scholarship...
Here is what I, along with many anticipate will happen for each of the oversign.

1. Cody Zeller will go to the NBA. This is 99.9% likely to happen.

2. Maurice Creek is going to graduate. He just had a child and despite holding eligibility to play 1 more year, it's widely assumed he will graduate to focus on his child (I can't remember where I saw it but even he acknowledged this). This is 90% likely to happen.

Those IMO are near-locks. Yet it still leaves 1 oversigned. There are multiple ways I see this one freeing up...

3a. Austin Etherington transfers. He has a terrific shot but is not going to get any relevant PT this season and especially next behind all these wings we are bringing in. He could have more impact on a team like Butler or other smaller B10 squad.

3b. Austin Etherington drops his scholly and take a walk-on role with the team. I have heard a lot of credible rumors regarding this - his family is apparently loaded and told Crean last summer that they would seriously consider dropping his scholarship to figure out the scholarship situation.

3c. Victor Oladipo goes pro. He is eligible to graduate at the end of this year, despite being a Junior. I don't think he's ready yet for NBA though and a full 4 years will do him well.

3d. Yogi Ferrel goes pro. I HIGHLY doubt this will happen. The only way this scenario plays out is if he plays the best PG IU has had since Isiah Thomas and we win the national championship.

Regardless, my mindset is Crean wouldn't have been recruiting 6 guys so hard unless he knew it would work out (especially 5-star Vonleh). Anyways, despite graduating this upcoming May, the 2013 class is going to be stellar and I can't wait to see them either. But for now, I guess this 2012 team will do just fine