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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffG20 View Post
    if yall will take the time to buy Joe Horn's BBQ sauce Joe Horn will be gratefull....thanks guys.
    dat BBQ sauce is good ***** dawg. Got the spicy AND the original in the pantry right now

    Cameron Jordan is awesome

    12.5 sacks and this

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGBREED View Post
    Don't trust you around my wife Joe, no thanks!

    @ AJ & UD, I've just copy righted that FO FO scheme just like I've done for the Who Dat sayings! Plus I've officially made and copy right the Slot Screen/Bubble screens as its official counter moves on offense! #Boom!

    Yep, I'm Mr. Benson beotch! (Dats what she said)< copyrighted this too! Phuckin Hooters
    speaking of wives, where'd Willie Go? the way Mr. Benson. your wife is FIIIIIINNNNEEE
    Last edited by JeffG20; 12-04-2012 at 01:50 PM.

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